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The City of Fullerton has decided to fight a statewide order issued in June by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) requiring California residents to wear face coverings in most indoor, outdoor and public areas. The city's new law, the first of its kind in California, took effect on December 6.

Unlike other restrictions that came into force earlier this year, the current restriction restricts restaurants to take only food, limits the capacity of retail companies and closes or restricts access to certain public areas such as parks and playgrounds, and public transport.

It also requires that people eat in the house after 10 p.m. or that the restaurant be open alternately by order of the state. Domer also pointed out the need for the city to be able to move guests from indoor to outdoor dining, and that this is a safe option for guests before current regulations prohibit these activities. The Fullerton Police Department has looked at the COVID-related restrictions and made it clear that it would not prioritize calls about violations. In cases where we cannot ensure compliance, we will document the violations promptly, "City Manager Domer wrote.

When it comes to ordering, start with the hot, cold and shared starters, which are referred to on the menu as "mezza." If you want to be adventurous, ask for the secret menu, not the menus.

If you're looking for an all-you-can-eat joint, visit this Korean barbecue restaurant that has graced Fullerton for the past three years. Enjoy the Californian sun on the adjacent dog-friendly terrace or sit at the counter to prepare the food. If you want to enjoy a more private scene, visit Angelo Vinci's for a private dining room overlooking the courtyard.

The restaurant focuses on helping the local economy by working with Fullerton Arboretum and California State University and implementing a farm-to-table approach. The restaurant is also proud to enable its staff to harvest culinary delights and learn new cooking methods that they craft at Monkey Business.

In addition to good food, Angelo Vinci offers a number of different meals, and there is something to enjoy for every dinner. Every meal prepared at Angelo Vinchi contains the perfect amount of herbs and spices to make your taste buds crave more. Freshly harvested ingredients such as fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs give each dish the distinctive flavour of the Monkey Business Cafe.

Every time you visit Fullerton, try something different, because you will not be disappointed and you will not be the only one in Fullerton to serve good food at Angelo Vinchi's restaurant.

Guests can also share the house - chips to pull out and enjoy on the roasted buttermilk chicken, grilled portabello mushroom heads and grilled salmon. Stubrik's is an ideal place for a steak dinner, as the menu includes a variety of steaks and a wide selection of side dishes. Besides steak, the restaurant offers herbs - crusted salmon, pork ribs, chicken wings and more. We also recommend trying yourself - fried chicken fingers, a typical dish at this Fullerton restaurant.

The Olde Ship also offers a variety of side dishes such as pork ribs, chicken wings and more, as well as a wide selection of beers and wine.

The Burger Salon has a wide selection of burgers for locals who just want a good bite, as well as a wide selection of side dishes. This is the perfect place to bring out the community of Fullerton with a weekly round of straight - up, made - from - scratch curated by Fullerton's hands.

El Farolito has pretty much everything for you, Whether you fancy a hot dog, burger or just a good taco, this restaurant is the perfect place for shared starters. The Pie and Dog is popular with locals and visitors alike for its good food and friendly atmosphere.

Here you will find vegan donuts, which customer Tina told us are absolutely worth trying, even if you are not vegan. In addition, specialty evenings are held here on Mondays and Wednesdays, where you can enjoy a reduced-price drink, and there is a wide selection of beverages such as beer, wine and cocktails. We also have a superior and superior dish, the bloody maría, which is prepared with all kinds of ingredients such as bacon, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, onions, peppers and more.

The taste of the food is not the only thing that distinguishes grits, the restaurant is also decorated in bright colors that give you a sense of what the place looks like in South Korea. Wilshire does not use an outdoor tent that seems to accurately reflect the conditions of indoor dining, although it requires that you and your group distance themselves from each other. Everything you order is styled as if it's ready to be photographed for Vogue, so don't be ashamed to snap away.

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