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The school's outstanding history is highlighted in a new exhibition at Fullerton College that highlights the contributions of its alumni to the history of the university and its music history. The latest exhibition, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Fullerton College's founding in 1884, features the founding fathers of California music, such as William F. Kennedy and Joseph E. Smith, and takes a look at the present, with an emphasis on alumni who have made a name for themselves as performers.

Conceived by Fullerton College graduate Laura Black, the exhibition tells the story of the program through a series of filmed performances and interviews with alumni and faculty, as well as a collection of photos and videos.

The exhibition was curated by the school's college advisors, said John Koegel, an associate professor of music at Fullerton College and curator of the exhibition. Since 1959, when educators like Landon submitted a proposal for a music curriculum to what was then Orange County State College, there was the first class to have a full-time music professor, John Thorsen, in September 1960. Langsdorf - the first president of the university - engaged him as the head of a new music college, which was renamed the Musikhochschule. The school is now acting more like a university than a music school, with a focus on music education and arts and humanities, KoEGel said.

Landon and other music faculties and staff led the music program through a tremendous period of growth, including the creation of the department's first full-time music professor, John Thorsen, in 1959. On December 4, 1960, Copland's first concert was performed by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. In order to honor the composer's rich contributions to American music, Koegel has participated as a guest conductor at the Copland Festival, which he directed all three.

Musicians of all genres and levels will perform at traditional venues, including Fox Theatre. There will even be a mass appeal event to bring together musicians from all over the United States and around the world to perform together in one of the most prestigious concert halls in the country.

The multi-instrumentalist-producer duo Kena will perform a psychedelic set that will also captivate those who do not consider themselves fans of blues music. Strubrick, the blues headliner, will be on stage with the Blue Baron, who commutes to Northern California every month to entertain the pub-goers. The harmonica is part of his repertoire as well as a variety of other instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, piano, saxophone and drums.

His love for music and his learning led him to St. Olaf College in Minnesota, where he graduated in 1954. As part of his study requirements, he prepared 15 sets for his senior recitals, including his first solo part in front of a full house of more than 1,000 students. Mum got involved and drove across the country in her new car to get to Germany, "he said.

He has continued to hone his songwriting skills and seek opportunities for collaboration, and most recently has written, recorded and collaborated with independent producers. He participated in the US National Songwriting Competition in New York City for seven months and competed in both the Contemporary Christian Vocal and Songwriting categories. He recently wrote and recorded his first full-length solo album, "I" M a Man "and he performed at the 2014 American Christian Music Awards in Los Angeles, California.

He is famous for his blurred, unpolished guitar sound and passion for educating Californians, as well as his love of art and music.

Northridge, California is a great place for learners to get a little joy from the fast city life. He is full-time, which means he should have plenty of time to help his pupils in class. Teachers at Chico State have a hard time paying attention to their students all the time.

They are busy and forget about normal office hours, so they are more likely to be available for help. This is a great place for learners to work with their professors, and there are many opportunities for them to "collaborate" with their professor.

The school can be quite selective, as the average SAT score of California State University Fullerton School of Music is about 1,110. Dive deeper to see how well it performs in all other categories, and see for yourself.

The performance of students after graduation is significant, with the average SAT score of graduates leaving school with a 4.0 GPA and a 3.5 GPA. I decided to return to California State University Fullerton after my second year of college for my first year as a student, and I defaulted by just over 3 / 2. Music, I have a full-time job at Fullerton Market, but I don't usually have enough money to pay it all back, so I'm coming back.

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